Migration South


Eu·re·ka – we made it!!  Twelve hours, two trailers, and a marathon of house packing later, we have arrived in cozy Santa Rosa to spend a night or two with Asa’s parents. Knowing that nearly our entire lives are packed up into boxes is not the greatest (where the heck is the bottle opener?!), and although I could easily spend weeks here relaxing into the slow life of Santa Rosa, I’m also excited to get to campus and start piecing our world back together.

The chicks (Penelope, Julep, Nola, Georgia & Sugar, by the way) were troopers about being packed into wine boxes and have settled into their new coop quite nicely (so adaptable! ;)) The drive also went by surprisingly quickly thanks to gorgeous open roads, Asa’s portable speaker, and a few excellent podcasts… 🙂







Now, lying here in bed, part of me thinks, “Am I crazy?  What was I thinking to uproot from everything I know and love to dive head first into a whole new life!?” Then, something in me says, “Trust this.  It’s all part of the story.”  So stay tuned for whatever happens next, plus the latest on Asa’s new job, our finished home projects, and how we spent our last night with the beloved Steinway!  Abrazos, Jane





2 Replies to “Migration South”

  1. I firmly believe the time will come, and soon, when you cannot imagine having picked a different path. You will reflect on the course of your life without regret. Good luck!


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